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Tutorial - Installing CH340G Driver

Arduino Uno Compatible that use CH340G UART to USB Converter. Some window version may already have its driver installed and some may not have. For window version that may not have the driver installed, the window will not detect the arduino but seen the arduino as unrecognized  USB2.0-Serial.

How to know whether my window version do already have the CH340G driver installed or not and where i can get the driver?

Open control panel and go to Device Manager

Under "Other devices" tab, you will see there is USB2.0-Serial unrecognized by the window. That mean your window version do not have the CH340G driver.

Download CH341SER.rar and extract the file. Double click on CH341SER.EXE to install the driver.

Click INSTALL button. This will install USB-SERRIAL CH340 driver.

Click OK button after you had success install the driver.

You can recheck the installation by going to your C partition. There will be WCH.CN folder that contain all the driver you need.

Then open back the device manager. If your window version is smart enough, it will automatically installed the driver for you. Your arduino will recognized as USB-SERIAL CH340 and you can now upload your sketch to the arduino.

If your window is not smart enough to install it for you, right click on USB2.0-Serial and click Properties.

After USB2.0-Serial window appear, click on Update Driver button.

Click on Browse my computer for driver software button.

Click on the Browse button. Then locate the WCH.CN folder and press OK button.

Then press Next button.

Now your arduino is ready to be used. Happy coding.


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    1. Hope this helps...

  2. At last the solution I've been searching for all day. Works a treat and very straight forward. Most appreciated.

  3. Seems to work fine on Win10 64 ;-) and a good explanation - thank you

  4. Thank you very much!Simple, easy and functional!

  5. hello. can u please help me? i cant even see serial port on my other devices. what should i do? it work well when im installing arduino uno though...