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Tutorial - TinySine Sim900 Arduino GSM/GPRS Shield

GSM GPRS Sheild from TinySine

#Step 1
Download the library 

Extract the file and copy paste the extracted file to the path you install the arduino software, for example programfile/arduino/libraries


Select the right jumper (the red circle) to use with arduino uno. The jumper indicate that you are using TX RX at pin 2 and pin 3.
Insert a simcard into its place.


Open the Arduino software and compile this code into arduino uno.
This Coding will turn On LED at pin 13 when receiving Led on and turn Off LED at pin 13 when receiving Led off.
To use this coding, wait until the SIM900 shield initialize by waiting the LED at pin 13 turn ON.
When it is turn on, you can sent sms "Led off" to the simcard number to turn it off.

#Arduino UNO + SIM900 shield + LCD sheild

#Setting LCD Shield

You need to setting up the hardware because the pin of LCD shield and sim900 shield clash at pin 8 and pin 9.
For me, im just bent the pin 8 LCD shield to pin 12 Arduino Uno and pin 9 LCD shield to pin 11 arduino uno.

Then, you can compile this code into arduino uno.

After you had compile it, disconnect the usb cable from the arduino uno and you will be using external power to the arduino uno as shwon below.
Connect the external 12V or 9V power, and now you can play with it after waiting until the SIM900 sheild initialize.
Button up(Sent SMS)
Button down(Read SMS)
Button left(PickUp Call)
Button Right(HangUp Call)


  1. It does not work with Arduino 1.6.3

    1. It work with arduino 1.0.6. Never test yet on latest arduino ide 1.6.3.

  2. It work in Arduino IDE 1.6.3. Thank you!

  3. Hi great tutorial works fine for me.However i have been trying to edit your code(without success) as i just want to make a voice call to the shield from my phone,then hang up.Any help with this would be very much appreciated.Just to clarify i'm also using the same shield as you.

    Thank You

  4. hi, needs auto dialer code for gsm 900 with Arduino uno , what I have says on execution that, it does not name a type.

  5. hi THANK YOU. For this tutorial for LED ON and LED off . The code works for my board.

  6. hi , thanks for code but some problem when i send "Led off" the led stay on ???

  7. Thanks mate, the sketch helped me in a big way!