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Quiz of the day (Practical Design), 24 July 2015:

There are a lot resistor type. If you would like to design a filter, which type of resistor would you use, physically both types of resistor look the same.
a) metal film resistor
b) carbon film resistor


a) metal film resistor

If you are going to be doing a lot of analog electronics, you should buy metal film. Metal film produces less thermal noise than carbon. Metal film resistors also typically have a much lower inductance/capacitance than carbon so they(metal film) work better at higher frequencies. Carbon has no real advantage except that they are cheaper. If I was only going to work on digital stuff, I would buy the carbon comp.

As far as what values, the values you have chosen are reasonable for digital stuff. If you think you may use op amps or transistors to amplify the signal, I would look into the E6 series of resistors.


This is some interesting article from digikey. Have a nice day to read.

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