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Reka Bentuk Power Supply

Converter AC kepada DC - Unregulated
 Cheat Sheet - Converter AC kepada DC Unregulated

Voltage Regulator
 Cheat Sheet - Voltage Regulator

5V Voltage Regulator

3.3V Voltage Regulator

Normal Linear 5V Regulator - Using 7805 Voltage Regulator

Schematic of 5V regulator
Hint: For the input capacitor and output capacitor, you can choose your own value of Farad. It does not really matter. Just do take note on its voltage rating, do make sure its above input voltage and output voltage. Do coupled the voltage regulator with heat sink.

The datasheet
Some info that you need to know is the input voltage. Only use the battery/AC-DC converter/etc from 7V to 25V range. Make sure to attached heat sink to the regulator. The current can go 1A maximum.

Need higher current more than 1A? Simplification for 7805 regulator, Buck Boost Voltage Regulator. Can go maximum 3A.

Dummy Load
Cheat Sheet Dummy Load

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