Graphic LCD 128x64 Fast Check

This fast check tutorial is compatible for Graphic LCD 128x64 powered by ST7920 chip using Arduino Uno or Nano (Atmel328P) development board.

Things need to be download / visit :
  1. Datasheet for Graphic LCD 128x64
  3. u8glib website
Item number 1 - The datasheet for graphic LCD 128x64 provide you with technical detail about the GLCD. If you are electrical engineering student, you should read it. Item number 2 - u8glib arduino is a library for arduino, download it and put into you arduino libraries folder. Item number 3 - u8glib website refer to the community that help to build this librariy. If you are using this librariy, visit this website to show that you appreciate them.

Wiring from GLCD to Arduino Uno/Nano, this wiring is for Parallel mode.
  • VSS - GND
  • VDD - 5V
  • VO - Leave unconnect
  • D/I - A3
  • R/W - A2
  • E - A4
  • DB0 - 8
  • DB1 - 9
  • DB2 - 10
  • DB3 - 11
  • DB4 - 4
  • DB5 - 5
  • DB6 - 6
  • DB7 - 7
  • PSB - Leave unconnect
  • NC - Leave unconnect
  • RST - Leave unconnect
  • VEE - Leave unconnect
  • A - 5V
  • K - GND
Then, open your Arduino IDE, open the Hello World files from u8glib example.
In the coding, find this part and uncomment it. This is to create a caller for ST7920 chip in your coding. This coding suitable for several other chip.
Then upload it. Your GLCD will start react to this coding by showing picture below.
There are several example, you may try it. I'll attached the picture below.

Happy coding  


  1. please, Would you help me with my GLCD?

  2. How about clear close-up pictures and a clear wiring diagram?