Article - Simple Lock Door Using Arduino

Projek ini akan membuka lock pintu apabila user memasukkan password yang betul. Untuk kunci kembali lock pintu, user perlu memasukkan sekali lagi password tersebut. Simple algorithm, simple coding using arduino.

First step was done by buying electronic component and recycle the dumped thing to make your hardware. Recycle as much as possible. The circuitry was just relay circuit to control the motor.
The first circuit is a bit loser because the central lock created a large EMF that effect the operation of arduino and its LCD shield, it make the arduino reset. The picture below will give you the simple solution for flyback current or EMF effect, taken from wikipedia image.
Then the circuit was added with diode to overcome this flyback effect. And the switch is then added for proper ON and OFF operation.

Then all the circuit was assemble and test was conducted.

And the video is shown below.

And the sample programming for the above video is shown below.
Simple Lock Door Coding

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